Martijn de Jong

Martijn specializes in realistic commercials and online films dealing with the small inconveniences in life.

Hans Busstra

Hans can dig out that part of a brand's story worth telling. The stories that are sincere, relevant, and need to be heard.

Rocco Stallvord

As media director, Rocco sets out the overall media strategy to gain maximum visibility and impact.

Hester Houweling

Hester facilitates the whole Wefilm team with all essentials needed to create exceptional work.

Jan Boon

Jan is known for his visual narratives, aesthetic style, and very particular 'high-brow' comedy.

Beer ten Kate

Beer loves to use humor to take viewers to an uncomfortable place and hopefully discover something new and real there.

Roel Welling

Roel is known for turning new ideas into credible and touchingly recognizable stories.

Lennart Verstegen

Lennart loves to find beauty in small things in life and the honesty of candid real images.

Bas Welling

Over the years, Bas transformed Wefilm from a traditional production company into a creative agency for impact.

Claudio de Oliveira Marques

As a documentary director, Claudio specializes in the more complex and multifaceted topics within society.

Vincent Siegelaar

Vincent is continuously looking for opportunities to collaborate business through long-term, sustainable partnerships.

Juliette Stevens

Juliette prefers to focus on today's serious issues that will shape society tomorrow.

Maaike Raat

Being able to contribute to the creation of impactful, meaningful stories is why Maaike works in the media.

Tom Rijpert

Tom's style ranges from outrageous Old Spice craziness to heartwarming Ikea family charm, with everything in between.

Anne van der Ven

Anne consciously chooses only to work towards a future that's radically inclusive.

Beau van Assem

Beau is always looking forward to new challenges, new projects, and new ways of telling stories that matter.

Dennis Lubbers

Dennis believes it's on him not to promote an opinion but to encourage the viewer to create their own.

Robbert Alblas

As a dedicated racing driver himself, Robbert knows exactly how to put the audience in the driver's seat.

Ruben Cusell

Ruben specializes in setting the framework for content campaigns. Occasionally he functions as a creative director.

Véras Fawaz

Véras' passion for film and video is tremendous. He is known for his striking dreamy video clips and surreal short films.