Rocco Stallvord

Rocco is an independent media director at Wefilm. He specialises in smart media strategy that balances earned, owned and paid media with the aim to get everybody talking about the campaign.

Martijn de Jong

Martijn specializes in realistic commercials and online films dealing with the small inconveniences in life.

Roel Welling

As co-founder of Wefilm, Roel wants to change advertising by making honest films. Roel loves directing credible and touching stories.

Claudio de Oliveira Marques

Claudio de Oliveira Marques is a talented documentary director that specializes on the more societal and edgy topics.

Rogier Sol

Rogier has a very positive energy and a strong focus on solutions in his way of working. He is always looking for the boundaries of what can be done in production, and he finds that very challenging.

Lennart Verstegen

Lennart loves to find beauty in small things in life, and to show honesty with images out of the reality.

Maaike Raat

The reason Maaike works at Wefilm is because she wants to contribute to impactful en meaningful stories.

Hans Busstra

Hans Busstra is creative strategist at Wefilm. With his journalistic background, he is specialized in finding a brand's true and sincere story to tell.

Vincent Siegelaar

Vincent has a proven track record in leadership roles with media companies, there roles have been on the sell and buy side of media.

Dennis Lubbers

At Wefilm Dennis integrates his artistic approach to tell a brand's story from a human perspective. Because he strongly believes people listen most to humans.

Ruben Cusell

Ruben is a creative strategist with strong roots in PR-campaigns. Therefore specialized in creating earned visibility through bold and sincere campaigning.

Anne van der Ven

As strategist and showrunner at Wefilm, Anne combines relevant strategic insights with a near-scary focus on getting things done.

Beau van Assem

Beau is always looking forward to new challenges, new projects and new ways of telling stories that matter.

Véras Fawaz

Véras has a unique style and passion for film and video. As a former Influencer and YouTuber he is very familiar with Social Media.

Robbert Alblas

Robbert is a filmmaker who loves to take the audience on an audiovisual adventure. Especially when it comes to cars, he knows exactly how to hit the sweet spot.

Tom Rijpert

Tom's style ranges from outrageous Old Spice craziness to heartwarming Ikea family charm, with everything in between. More often than not throwing animation and visual effects in the mix.

Bas Welling

Over the years, Bas transformed Wefilm from a traditional production company into a creative agency for impact.

Beer ten Kate

Beer loves to use humor to take viewers to an uncomfortable place and hopefully discover something new and true there.

Jan Boon

Known for his visual storytelling, his aesthetic style and his very particular ‘high-brow’ comedy, Jan sets out to share his passion for storytelling in ever new and compelling ways.

Juliette Stevens

Juliette Stevens aims to make movies that matter. Her moving portraits – romantic but never without a rough edge – hold a positive mirror up to society. In each of her honest and above all human stories, you’ll find the power of resilien

Hester Houweling

As Office Manager Hester makes sure Wefilm HQ feels like home.