Fool’s day is Google’s day. We have the honour to help Google every year with creating a smile on everyone’s face, all over the world.


Preventing material and non-material damage by focussing on what really matters


It strangely occurs that when we grow up, we tend to lose our connection with nature. That’s why we help WWF to bring their new Be One With Nature slogan to life.


By letting the people in desperate need of a new organ do the talking, Nierstichting creates emotional awareness for one of the most important decisions of your life: donating or not.


How to engage with a financial product? Not easy, but surely not impossible.

How to show the true magical experience of traveling? Maybe through the eyes of the travellers.


In the Efteling you step into another world. We are honoured to give a glimpse of this world full of wonders from time to time.

Anti-tobacco lobby

For years now, we are collaborating with doctors, medical specialists and NGO’s to fight against the tobacco industry.


We help Vanmoof to grow, in order to spread the bicycle habit around the globe.


Music videos that bring an extra dimension to a song with one the most successful artists in Dutch pop culture.

Omroep Zwart

Wefilm is a proud supporter of a new voice in the media landscape: Omroep Zwart. The introduction campaign of Holland's most diverse new player in town resulted in 50k members in no time.


Over the years, we have made diverse work for the biggest internet and telecom provider in The Netherlands. From a 6-episodes series about the relations between mothers and daughters, till national campaigns.


At Wefilm, we are extremely worried about the climate crisis. That's why we structurally team up with influential climate organization Milieudefensie.


Showing just how much KNVB loves the game. It’s so much more than a federation, it’s a collective of individual football lovers.

Nederlands Film Festival

The ultimate way of engaging people with the Dutch Film Festival is to let them be the director. That's what we did in two different forms during two national campaigns.


In the series of Powerful Connections, Vodafone tells about stories and initiatives that showcase the role of mobile technology connecting and empowering people in today’s society.


Building the world’s healthiest generation of youth in The Netherlands.