Bas is the managing director and co-founder of Wefilm. He started as an entrepreneur at the age of 16. In the first years of his professional career, Bas produced international TV-commercials for a variety of directors, agencies, and clients worldwide while studying economics and business at the University of Amsterdam. After graduating in 2010, he found a niche in the Dutch market, in which he positioned his own company together with his brother Roel. Over the years, Bas transformed Wefilm from a traditional production company into a creative agency for impact. Next to his work at Wefilm, Bas is a regular guest at all Dutch talk shows and columnist at BNR News Radio. He is a guest lecturer at WdkA, Dutch Film Academy, and Nijenrode University. Bas is a frequent KeyNote speaker at events by, for example, TEDx, Google, and Rabobank.

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