Bas is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Wefilm. He started as an entrepreneur at the age of 16. In the first years of his professional career, Bas produced international TV-commercials for a variety of directors, agencies and clients all over the world. In this period, Bas produced shoots in the US, South Africa and Argentina. On the side, he studied economics and business at the University of Amsterdam. 

After graduating in 2010, he found a niche in the Dutch market, in which he positioned his own company together with his brother Roel. Over the years, Bas transformed Wefilm from a traditional production company into a creative agency for impact. Next to his work at Wefilm, Bas is a regular guest at all Dutch talkshows and columnist at BNR News Radio. He is a guest lecturer at WdkA, Dutch Film Academy and Nijenrode University. At last, Bas is a frequent KeyNote speaker, for example at events by TEDx, Google and Rabobank. 

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