She makes sure everyone is facilitated with all necessities to create awesome work. From office supplies and a brilliant lunch, to coordinating agenda’s and appointments. And if that’s not enough, she’s also our financial administrator: daily processing and monitoring all incoming and outgoing invoices but also taking care of banking and insurance. When you come to visit the Wefilm office she will most likely be the one welcoming you. 

Make love, not needless accidents

We teamed up Interpolis with Snelle to conquer the music hit charts and have the youth choose love over the risky habit of using a phone while cycling.


Our heart for healthcare heroes

Supporting our healthcare professionals by staying inside with a message they all see outside: #myhearthforhealthcare


It's me, your bike!

To show the VanMoof Electrified is the smartest bike around the block, we let him do the talking himself.