The man who dared to fly

We teamed up with TBWA to create an unforgettable moment with Epke Zonderland, for Friesland Campina. The day before he flew to Tokyo for his final Olympic Games, we surprised him with a very personal video.


Package delivery next-door

Have you ever had a package delivered at your neighbours? Well, in football crazy times this can lead to funny yet awkward situations... Together with Dept, WE were asked to make two commercials for BOL.COM that play on the friendly rivalry between two neighbouring football nations.

A challenge on how we see health

A 2K40 format to challenge the way we eat, exercise, and live. Should we completely change our ways or adjust our patterns just a little?


Delivering bad news 100.000 times a year

Smoking tobacco is an addiction and the government must take action by abandoning tobacco. With this film we want to make the government aware of that.

Gezondheidsfondsen voor Rookvrij

Protect nature, meter by meter

For EarthToday, we show what one square meter of nature looks like and how important it is to protect it.


Are you influenced much?

An interesting conversation between 2 young adults about health and influence.


Snelle x KNVB present: The Next Soccer Superstar

Or at least, that’s the dream….

ROQ 'N Rolla Music


No crew, just 2 singers and a director with his camera making a beautiful intimate video.

AAA Management

More Future, More GroenLinks

For the upcoming Dutch elections we want to show you that green political party Groenlinks is not about "less", but about "more".

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