A glimpse into the future of food

Imagine sinking your teeth into a succulent meatball made from the DNA of the long-extinct Woolly Mammoth.


Do you help the deadly tobacco industry or the doctors?

Dutch doctors sound the alarm again about the Tobacco industry's next sickening innovation that’s fully focuses on teens: vapes.


Meet Black Box: FOMO at its best.

To raise awareness among young people about the dangers of using mobile phones in traffic, Interpolis introduces the second initiative of the #MisNiks campaign: Black Box.


Wanted: Office manager met hart voor cijfers


We all have a stake in climate change.

Powerful, polluting Dutch companies are about to make a very important decision. Will they choose for a sustainable future or a quick profit? Milieudefensie reminds the public that their words can offer the necessary support to encourage directors to make the right decision.


Don’t let your cell phone steal your future.

Interpolis approached Wefilm with their new long term goal: by 2050 they want there to be 0 deaths in traffic accidents.


100% green energy, 100% of the time?

What happens with windmills when the wind doesn’t blow? What happens to solar panels when the sun doesn’t shine? How can we maximize the efficiency of green energy?


Sailing on the road

Our way of driving needs to become more sustainable. How about driving on wind power?


Are you actually happy at work?

We helped NCOI reframe the word “ambition” to help people discover their passion at work.

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