More Future, More GroenLinks

For the upcoming Dutch elections we want to show you that green political party Groenlinks is not about "less", but about "more".


Are you influenced much?

An interesting conversation between 2 young adults about health and influence.



No crew, just 2 singers and a director with his camera making a beautiful intimate video.

AAA Management

Delivering bad news 100.000 times a year

Smoking tobacco is an addiction and the government must take action by abandoning tobacco. With this film we want to make the government aware of that.

Gezondheidsfondsen voor Rookvrij

How to be non-stop successful at everything all the time

A satirical web series about two self-proclaimed success gurus teaching you the secrets to excel in business.

De Speld

Getting down to the essence

A series of animated films to get your head around some groundbreaking scientific insights

Essentia Foundation

A couple of questions from the next generation

Time for an unusual and uncomfortable interview about the one subject that should be on top of every voters mind during the upcoming election.


How to break the stigma around mental health?

If talking about your mental problems is hard, music might help you put your feelings into words.


No time to lose

This is the story of Guus. A young boy who suffers from a muscle disease called SMA. His story represents more than 20.000 children in the Netherlands with muscle diseases. Together with well known sports ambassadors, we initiated a fundraising new style.

Spieren voor Spieren
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