How to be non-stop successful at everything all the time

With De Speld


Be more successful, be faster, get better results! In today’s society the bar is insanely high while 1.4 million Dutch people a year suffer from burn-out related issues. 

It’s time to blow off some steam.

Wefilm teamed up with popular satirical news site De Speld to poke fun at fake gurus teaching so-called success to a gullible audience. The result is “1000% Successful Success”, a web series starring Joep Vermolen en Robbert Bleij (known from the Netflix series TOON) about two desperate business boys pretending to know it all. They share their method with attitude, raw energy and very limited resources…while working towards a gigantic seminar in a few weeks. 

So… what is the purpose of the passion behind your ‘why’? How do you F-ing nail you inner peace? How do you keep productivity up 24/7 during a burn-out? Ronnie & Mitch have the answers.

Four episodes produced so far, preparation are underway for more.



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