Getting down to the essence

For Essentia Foundation, with Wefilm Concepts

A series of animated films to get your head around some groundbreaking scientific insights

Essentia Foundation is a new voice in the scientific community. Their goal is to introduce the world to the concept of “non-materialistic science”. A pretty wild notion that is hard to explain in simple terms, but also truly groundbreaking and based on very solid evidence by some of the worlds most renowned scientists. It offers revolutionary new answers to big questions like: is the mind produced by the brain? How can un-connected particles influence one another? And what is the true nature or reality? Leading up to the foundations launch early 2021 we created three ‘teasers’: short animated films that pose questions that materialistic metaphysics can not answer. A fantastic challenge to try and put words and images to these mind-blowing ideas that may have an enormous impact on the world in the years to come.

De Speld

How to be non-stop successful at everything all the time

Klup en NN

A big live Christmas show... at home