A colleague with personality

For Institute GAK, with Woedend!


Only a foolish person would claim having no prejudice at all. For people suffering from psychological disorders, this form of discrimination can make life quite difficult. Potential employers, for example, won’t easily consider their application and call them in for a job interview. In an effort to change mentalities, the GAK institute carried out an experiment that set out to prove that a “colleague with personality” might well become your favorite partner in the workplace.

Here’s what we did. We asked two actors to spend time with people suffering from psychological disorders so that they would be able to mimic their behavior. Once they were recruited by two companies for a week-long assignment, we filmed them every day and observed their way of working, their interaction with co-workers and how they blended in the work environment. We then interviewed the whole team about their one-week-experience. Curious about the outcome? Check out the film to see what happens.

Made possible through our cooperation with our friends at Woedend!, this is a one-of-a-kind project. It was a thrilling week marked by many special unexpected moments. But above all, this experience reminded us we have to keep up our fight against prejudice.


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