The daily drama of being a parent

For Sanoma, with Wefilm Concepts & Roen Roomberg

Real families show what it truly means to be a parent

Publishing house Sanoma wanted to increase its online presence. The question was: how could the magazine “Ouders van Nu” (Today’s Parents) translate into a relevant and engaging online content series?

Out of many families, 3 were casted and agreed to film themselves for a month. With the help of our director Joep van Osch, a selection of endearing and entertaining moments made the cut. The result is a series of 24 “how-to selfies”, short and intimate parenting tutorials. This palette of amusing and moving everyday scenes -ranging from veggie hatred to car drama on a seven-hour journey- depicts challenges parents face in their households. A genuine look inside the lives of real parents that is inspiring, funny and, ultimately, relatable.

The videos are available to stream on the “Ouders van Nu” website, Youtube and Facebook.