I am Sacha in -19 degrees Celsius

For Nikon, with Wefilm Concepts & Mediacom

For those who wonder how Sacha de Boer captures her photographs in Arctic winds

Some may remember her as Holland’s loveliest anchorwoman, but three years ago Sacha de Boer got back into photography. So we filmed her on the North Pole with the same Nikon equipment she used to capture a world in transition.

This short online series actually started with a simple question Sacha de Boer asked Nikon Netherlands: “Can you help me realise my second photographic series on the North pole?” The question was returned with an equally simple one: “Can we make a film about how you do it?” The answer lead them to ask us: “Would you like to join us to the North pole?" We guess the answer to the question was obvious.

Together with Sacha, Nikon and Medicom, we made a portrait of Sacha to show enthusiasts how a photographer like Sacha captures her work in the extreme conditions of the Arctic. About 8 years earlier, Sacha encountered the small Inuit community of Gjoa Haven, during her first photographic series on the North Pole. A place above the polar circle where life is subject to change: the elder generation, with their traditions of eating seal meat and wearing fur coats is struggling to teach their ways to a generation who seems to prefers skinny jeans and frozen pizza.

Over three episodes we conquered arctic wind and frost bite with the same equipment that Sacha uses for her photos: the Nikon D810.

Episode 1, 2 and 3 will be released on December 7, 17 and 28 of 2015.