How to hack €100.000 in 5 days

For Digibewust

Knowing the facts increases cybercrime awareness

Digibewust is an organization that raises awareness of internet-related hazards. But it’s hard to make a message heard when most people don’t acknowledge these dangers. That’s why we came up with the idea of a hacker’s tutorial. Instead of telling people how to protect themselves, the video explains how to become a cyber criminal and make a lot of money online. In five easy steps, a hacker shows how it’s done and how easy it can be, as long as people don’t take safety measures.

We launched this film as a real hacker tutorial video and created a buzz. At the height of the rumour, Digibewust unveiled who was really behind the film. In the sequel, the hacker/actor reveals his identity and Digibewust explains what one can do to protect oneself. The fact that an organization against cyber crime made a film on how to become a cyber criminal attracted a great deal of media attention. Both the tutorial and the latter truth-revealing video raised awareness on online safety.