Suddenly, you’ve got cancer

For KWF Kankerbestrijding, with Square Melon

How to earn free airtime on television and cinemas by sharing a film online

Because one in three people gets to hear the awful words: “You’ve got cancer”, KWF’s subsidiary Fight, is striving to raise awareness among young people on the importance of cancer research. We had a tiny budget but an ambitious goal: a one-minute film that would be viewed by 1 out 3 people in the Netherlands.

A deal was made with the Dutch television network SBS: if our film reached 100.000 views online within 4 days, they would air the full-length film during their commercial blocks free of charge for a whole week. Then, Pathé Cinemas further increased that potential by showing the film in theatres during previews for an even longer period. Day after day, the film was liked and shared, viewers leaving beautiful comments and probably shedding a tear or two in the process. Thank you, SBS and Pathé Cinemas for generously offering this free publicity!

The film was director Lennart Verstegen’s debut after graduating from the Dutch Film Academy and was shortlisted at the Cannes Lions Young Director's Award in 2011.


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