How did we ever end up here?

For KPN Presenteert, with Wefilm Concepts

Was sich liebt, das neckt sich

Growing up is way harder than it looks. Guarded with their smartphones, three mothers and daughters, aged between 12 and 19, document their own journey towards maturity in documentary series, Daughters.


The documentary series “Daughters” tells the story of the unique relationship between three mothers and daughters. In this six-part series we follow Emma (12) and Hanne, Aisha (17) and Marleen, and Tara (19) and Petra during a very special summer for each and every one of them. As the characters did all the filming themselves, we witness the intimate and beautiful connection between mothers and daughters. “Daughters” offers a mirror for every mother and daughter.

Emma (12) is a funny, witty, and open-minded girl who's about to get ready to leave primary school behind. Having inherited her mother's curiosity for life, the two of them are enjoying the changes that Emma is facing.

Aisha (17) is the life of the party. She drinks, she smokes, and if it was up to her, she would never end up going home. She definitely knows what she wants, but her mom is worried she's not always making the right decisions. Aisha's just had her final exams, but she and her mother are worried about the outcome.

Tara (19) has left puberty behind for the most part. It was a tumultuous time that eventually brought her and her mother closer together. Now the time has come for Tara to leave her parents’ house behind. Mom and daughter seize this opportunity to look back on a challenging phase.

In this six-part series we experience short and tall stories, funny and sad moments, while revealing double portraits of daughters through the eyes of their moms and moms through the eyes of their daughters. “Daughters” functions as a mirror to every mother and daughter.