The worst Instagram account. Ever.

For Samsung, with Cheel

Taking pictures of a beautiful landscape is harder than it looks

Meet Rùnar. Rùnar is a hard worker with a heart of gold. He lives in Iceland and earns his living through working as a fisherman. Not a man of many words, Rùnar prefers to express himself by visual means: photogaphy. He avidly shared his passion for this medium with us showing us... what exactly? It appears all his photo\'s are underexposed, out of focus and simply ruined.

To make sure his five fans on Instagram won\'t unfollow him, all his pictures are accompanied by a thorough and lengthy description of what should have been visible in the picture. This might come as a quite the surprise as the breathtaking beauty of the Icelandic seaside makes it hard to actually spoil a picture. However, living so far up the northern hemisphere posed our dear Rùnar to the up until now insurmountable challenge of simply taking a good picture. But not anymore: thanks to the new Samsung Galaxy S7 phone that comes equipped with a highly sensitive camera, Rùnar can finally, truly pursue his passion for photography and share it with the world - no words needed.

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