hidden-camera card for Valentine

For Hallmark, with Lemz

How do mothers respond to real attention from their children

Lemz & Wefilm developed The Hidden Camera Card especially for Mother’s Day. With a tiny flat camera embedded in the card, the camera captures the reactions of mothers to the touching words of their children. Unaware that the card was recording them, the mothers’ tearful reactions were captured, proving the deep emotional impact that Hallmark greeting cards can have.

The film was part of a TV and online campaign. The campaign website and Hallmark social media channels present a short behind-the-scenes video that shows the experiment’s extraordinary approach.

With a powerful insight, technological innovation and Mother’s Day as a relevant occasion, the campaign opened everyone’s eyes to the power of real attention and boosted Hallmark’s business and brand. The innovative card sparked the interest of the press and the public, leading to significant publicity and social media coverage.