Who I am is what I remember

For Stichting Alzheimer, with Born05

Never forget the impact of Alzheimer

Over 270,000 people in the Netherlands have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. This number will only grow over the next coming years. That is more than enough reason for the Alzheimer’s Foundation to raise awareness about this devastating illness.

Together with Born05 we developed the story of Johan: a man suffering from Alzheimer's disease who looks back on his life full of beautiful memories. We see and feel how the disease affects his family and life. Losing his memories means losing himself. Most importantly, however, is remembering that Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t mean you can’t make new memories. It doesn’t mean you can't do things that give you hope. Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible illness, but it should not stop you living and loving.

A special thanks for the unbelievable effort and motivation from cast, crew, and other friends who helped making this film possible. The actor who played Johan, Mr. Joop Keesmaat, gave a compelling performance, though he fortunately is not diagnosed with the disease himself. The video wouldn’t have been the same without his stunning performance.

We hope this film contributes to the awareness for this growing and dreadful disease.


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