This is how we move in Amsterdam

Our response to Katie Couric

We don't see what all the fuss is about

NBC commentator Katie Couric told her viewers at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, that skating is an important way of transportation in Amsterdam. An innocent funny little bit of ’fake news' a lot of people were quick to point out. But… she seems to be right... At least, that is what this short film suggests.

When the canals in Amsterdam froze over, we had about 48 hours to make use of this unique situation in the Netherlands. We decided to portray the comments of Couric. Literally. 

In the video a businessman from the 'Zuidas' is interviewed about the fuss surrounding Courics' statements. When the camera zooms out, it turns out that he is on his way to work on his skates. A postman who delivers the mail with a sled and his skates tells: “Abroad they seem to think this is something very special? That we skate everywhere, right? I've been doing it for years, I don’t know any other way." A mother kisses her child goodbye and sends her off on the ice, on her way to school. She’s is narrowly missed by a pizza delivery man skating by. 

In the end we reveal a tourist with his roller suitcase waiting for a traffic light and a zebra crossing on the ice.

‘We have canals, use ’m! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to be at the office at nine.’


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