• dare to embrace the power of story

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  • Let’s talk why. Not what

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  • Awesomeness is the new media budget

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  • Creativity is pioneering

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  • Truth is worth more than reality

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  • let's fix problems

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  • Look around and tell about life

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  • Don’t shout. Listen

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How much have we invested in each other?

Rabobank illustrates its philosophy by showcasing the beautiful projects it has invested in. These true stories reflect the different ways we invest in each other.


#Firstconcert for a deaf girl

When technology and human endeavor come together, amazing things happen. Vodafone teamed up with Kyteman to organize a special concert for Vera who was born deaf and only recently recovered her hearing thanks to a CI.

Vodafone 749,681 1

Legends aren't born, they're dropped

Heineken gave six men the opportunity to become legendary as they were taken out of their ordinary lives and dropped into the great wide open. A real-life travel show with a twist.

Heineken 40,319,937

How to produce real emotions?

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Wefilm in Cannes Lions Jury

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The daily drama of being a parent

The parenting magazine Ouders van Nu likes to show what it truly means to be a parent. Three families filmed their lives for one month and showed us their ups and downs.

Sanoma 1,237,243

Don't wait to say beautiful words

Dela wants to inspire everyone to say beautiful words. With hidden cameras, we shot 6 touching speeches of real people.

Dela 24

“Freek is a 13-year-old racist sex addict”

My Child Online initiated a campaign that created so much impact that politicians forced social media companies to act immediately.

Mijn Kind Online 2

The Flower Effect

In a fairy tale-like mix between fiction and reality we show that there is only one kind of people who can demonstrate what the "Flower Effect" actually means. That kind of people is: real people.

The Flower Council 883,724

How to make a girl sweat

To introduce their new deodorant, Nivea created the circumstances that would make anyone sweat. Innocent bystanders were made to believe the whole country was on the hunt for them.

Nivea 7,788,244 3

Dela according to Lucky TV

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Hipsters ruin everything

Denham makes their jeans with so much attention to detail and love for craftmanship that it attracts a most peculiar crowd, best described as denim psychos.

Denham 748,716