You've got it all

For IKEA, with Buutvrij For Life and Wefilm Concepts

Yes you do. Actually, everybody does.

A cupboard, a kitchen or a lightbulb… You can ring any doorbell in Holland and you will find an Ikea product within that household.

And most people have a clever story behind these products; proud of the way they assembled it, how it saves energy, it’s affordability or it's tech-savviness.

So, if these products are smart, the people using or assembling them are the smartest. For IKEA’s new campaign, creative agency Buutvrij launched the “All smart” campaign. We made the film with them to kick it off.   

It had to be a broad vignet-film story, but done in an original and fitting way. So we used the powerful insight of the fact that everybody has these products and we focussed on the fun and playfulness of real people and their products, instead of a scripted reality. Trying to catch a twinkle in the eye and fun little moments of the great everyday people. And furthermore, let them speak for us. A documentary feel, with a fresh and playful look. Making the people the real stars while they show us their products.

Together with Buutvrij for Life and the IKEA team we felt like bricklayers, pilots, cake bakers and birdwatchers assembling this film. And yes, we also experienced that damn screw that’s left over after you completely assembled that BILLY cupboard…


Why wait to say something beautiful


The first ride home