You drop, you fall, you fly

For The Child of Love

An unofficial music video for an incredibly talented musician

At the dawn of 2013 we lost an incredibly talented musician who barely got the chance to share his music with us. He knew his days were numbered and that may explain the tension and emotion of Child Of LOV’s music. The genre is difficult to describe but the electronic chain-gang symphony inspired our director Lennart Verstegen to make a music video for this artist. In line with the circumstances, the film is powerful and harsh while being a celebration of life.

With the help of the Dutch TAX-fonds (video clip subsidies) and an extremely motivated crew from both the Netherlands and Portugal this stunning music video came to life. The song describes in quasi-biblical terms the inexorable rise and fall of living beings. What can anyone do but fly during a free fall?

The film was released as an unofficial music video but is was officially made with all our heart…

Ministry of Justice

Billboard against violence

Centraal Beheer Achmea

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