We are all in this together


So let's make the best of it!

In times of self-quarantining the home becomes so much more than just a home. It's a school now as well, an office, a yoga studio, a restaurant and so much more. And with everyone together in the same space we could all do with some good advice.
Fully in line with the previous two "All smart" campaigns this new Ikea spot shines a light, once again, on real people sharing with us their smart tips in and around the house, using Ikea products. The big difference of course: this time they filmed everything themselves.

This being trying times for everyone, our main purpose was to create a film with maximum focus on warmth, useful tips for everyone at home and a message of unity. Pushing Ikea products was lowest on the agenda, and the one product we did highlight (an ironing board used as a desk) was there to bring a smile on peoples faces, more than anything else.
In record time, together with Ikea and Buutrvrij we produced this spot in record time. From idea to TV in no less than a week! All in favor of one message: young, old, students, parents, singles or (almost) families; we're all in this together. And Ikea is their to help out, spreading smart advice!


Let's start building our healthiest generation


Welcome back!