For Netflix, produced by NewBe

The whole world wants him to succeed. He doesn't.

For Toon, a socially awkward nerd and jingle composer, no place is more exciting than home. More specifically, the spot in front of his Xbox, where he spends hours playing the game Fish Tank Manager II. When his pushy sister Elise organizes a surprise party for his birthday, depriving him of an evening of self-chosen solitude, a frustrated Toon gets pressured into singing and belts out a tune that is an instant hit. Thanks to the many phone cameras present, the next morning Toon’s track has gone viral and he is a YouTube sensation. The ambitious Elise, who instantly proclaims herself Toon’s manager, sets up a myriad of TV appearances and gigs for him and Nina, the girl who sang along with Toon at the party.

The two of them are catapulted into a music career. Toon doesn’t want any of it, but whatever he does, there is one word he just can’t seem to manage: ‘no’. The more Toon tries to resist his overnight fame, the more famous he becomes. No longer anonymous, he is faced with high expectations, both socially and professionally. He struggles to live up to everything he never wanted to be. Can Toon escape this nightmare life that many would consider a dream? And in doing so, will he inevitably crush the dreams of others?


Innovation is the future


Barry vs. The World