Thought your chicken tasted good?

For McDonald's, with TBWA\ NEBOKO

People freeze when this Crispy news hits them.

Whether you like your chicken spiced up, flame roasted, out of the oven or out of a bucket, if you love chicken, you owe it to yourself to have a taste of the new Homestyle Crispy Chicken. This burger might just be the tastiest piece of chicken the world has seen. In order to bring this news to chicken lovers all over the world, TBWA came up with a script in which we simply… bring this news to chicken lovers.

We see all types of chicken lovers hearing the news while they enjoy their own favorite piece chicken. What they thought to be an amazing tasting piece of chicken a second ago, turns out to be not half as tasty. Their world freezes over as we leave them behind, their bite hanging halfway between their lips and nowhere.

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