Sunshine in the Netherlands - 365 days a year.

For Google, with Wefilm Concepts & Google Zoo

Using wind and mills to bring clear skies and sunshine

Holland is an amazing country. There’s just one downside- the terrible weather. Google Netherlands has found a solution to bring some more sunshine to our wonderful country.

The idea is simple. First, smart Google Cloud Platform technology reads cloud behavior. Then, Google Wind reuses Hollands old mills, which spin full steam around the entire country, simply blowing the rainy clouds away and creating clear skies, all year long!

Last year we assisted Google by introducing the Self-Driving Bike. We are very proud to announce that this year, on the 1st of April, Google Wind will bring clear skies and sunshine to all of our fellow Dutchmen.

So get over your cabin fever, dig out your sunscreen, and enjoy the blue skies!


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