Power to the loved ones

For Vodafone, with Khanna\Reidinga

A merry little Christmas story

Free data during the Christmas days allows you to be with your loved ones wherever you are. This is a merry little Christmas story promoting that. 

Unique about this production was the level of collaboration between all parties involved: client, agency and production company. Born out of necessity (14 days from concept to on-air) but an inspiration for the future. Our goal was to find a balance between a full-on emo Christmas mood without losing a sense of authenticity.

Fun-fact: When his wife and kid visited the set director Joeri Holsheimer sat down with his 8-month-old daughter at the Christmas dinner in scene 3 and ended up using the shot in the final edit of the film (their close-up is at 27 sec).

After all, the film became the most watched video on the Vodafone Netherlands YouTube Channel ever, and makes it to the top 3 of all time best Facebook posts. 


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