Phones and their funny owners

For hollandsnieuwe, with XXS Amsterdam

A colorful and lighthearted way to show the characters the could be hollandsnieuwe’s proud new customers

It’s hard to get noticed as a telco nowadays. Providers usually try to top each other with big campaigns. However, hollandsnieuwe is different. They prefer a more down-to-earth approach, that’s all about the little things. For this campaign the challenge was to clearly communicate the deal, and at the same time celebrate their variety of customers.

Although the films had to be down-to-earth, we wanted to find idiosyncratic people who conveyed their own uniqueness. That’s why we portrayed these endearing figures and created settings that are part of their actual daily lives as well.

By focusing on the human part of being a telephone user, it reminds us why we use those little black boxes anyway. Because we people, as the social beings, just want to make a connection with another person.


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