Let’s talk

For SGF, with Wefilm Concepts x Cam on Wheels

When we asked teens to come up with ideas for new 2k40 formats, we got way more ideas than we’d bargained for. But there was none that stole our hearts more than the video that Valerie sent.

Valerie wanted people to see that being disabled does not mean you can't be able to enjoy life. She believes ‘Can’t doesn’t exist’. When she sets her heart on achieving something, she achieves it. That’s how Valerie became our first 2K40 Influencer!
Valerie wanted to have a nice conversation with other influencers to see how healthy they are living and how they deal with the ups and downs of life.
But she didn’t want to do this all by herself, she wanted to involve more creators from the foundation Cam on Wheels, Lars and Jelle, to show everybody: We all have challenges, ours might just be a bit more visible.


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