Epic bite of the Maestro

For McDonald's, with TBWA

Maestro burger. The epic stimulation of senses.

To show how the Maestro burger stimulates all your senses, we wanted to create a huge ad. A prank with real people, thrown into a truly epic experience.

TBWA came up with the idea to surprise an unsuspecting person with a big serenade. This serenade is orchestrated by a real-life Maestro (Guido Dieteren), who translated each step and move of the McDonald’s guest to orchestral music. This exceptional piece of music builds up towards a huge climax: that first bite into a Maestro burger.

Our team faced the task of making this idea while, without losing sight of our goal to create a film that would be both real and film-worthy. One of our biggest challenges was our audience that Maestro Guido was conducting music for unsuspecting guests ordering a delicious Maestro burger. We decided to project the McDonald's live video stream in the orchestra hall while projecting the orchestra into the McDonald’s at the same time. This live stream consisted of all the hidden cameras installed inside McDonald's and our orchestra hall.

Once we figured out how to show the reality aspect of it all, we still had to solve the filming itself. Usually, hidden cameras are small and placed far away from the subject, none of which contribute to a cinematic feel. That's why we came up with the idea of installing a large hidden camera inside a cleaning cart, with which we could zoom in closely on our unsuspecting star as he or she takes that first special bite.

Finally, everything came together in only five hours of shooting time. We were quite lucky as we shot about ten very surprised guests. The responses of those we surprised were amazing, as was the response of our client: on the first day of the campaign, McDonald's decided to broadcast what was supposed to be a lengthy online film as a 'roadblock’ on every Dutch television channel.


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