Bringing home some Efteling magic

For Efteling, with Wefilm Concepts

A magical plan to break the daily routine

When visiting Efteling with family or friends, you step into a world of wonders that breaks all the commotion of the daily routines. It’s just you and your family or friends wondering in this fairy-tale world together. Efteling asked us to think about a way to tell this story about togetherness versus the pitfall of the daily routine that can easily make us live our own lives a little bit too much.

During our annual Wefilm weekend field trip, Efteling challenged us with a carte blanch to develop a concept to tell about the Efteling-feeling of togetherness. In a pressure cooker we created several ideas, one of them finally leading up to this film. 

We wanted to tell the story from the perspective of a little girl who lays down a plan to bring home the feeling she had with her family at The Efteling. So when she notices that on the day after, her family falls back into all daily routines, this smart little girl has an idea. Why not build a glimpse of Efteling myself? So she start drawing, creating, cutting, glewing. 


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