A successful film about failure

This Gouden Kalf winning documentary follows the lives of two Belgian alcoholics

Marcel and Bob are men of a certain age who like their booze. They bond Wwith an endless string of insults and elusive plans for a joint suicide. This film follows the men’s attempts to sober up and reconnect with their families, while life beyond Bob’s kitchen has moved ahead without them. The humor is as black as can be, a fitting choice for this hybrid film midway between a documentary and a bromance comedy. Scenes are harsh: (drunken painful pratfalls, wife and kids getting into a car and taking off) but the film steers clear of any form of sentimentality and melodrama.

Ne me quitte pas was released in movie theatres in Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. It was sold to various international distributors and built up a remarkable track record, winning awards at Hotdocs, Tribeca and many other prestigious film festivals. Above all, Niels and Sabine won the prestigious Gouden Kalf for best Dutch documentary at the 2014 Dutch Film Festival.

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