A giant clash of tiny men

For Snickers, with BBDO/Impact Dubai

An epic battle between good and evil

In continuation of their ‘Don’t stop’ campaign for Snickers, BBDO Dubai came up with a whole new perspective on the concept. Two massive armies of red and green traffic light men roaming the streets at night engage in an epic battle for world domination.

This one goes down in history as the 32-minute shoot. We did the shoot in Jeddah (less than 70 km from the Mecca), Saudi Arabia, during the Ramadan. Most of the crew and agency could not enter the country (female creatives were not authorized to travel without their husbands for instance) and there was close to no equipment available to work with (just one 6K lamp to light the entire set on a night shoot). Director Joeri Holsheimer therefore decided to shoot only during magic hour (the moment right after sunset and right before sunrise), which at that time of the year and that part of the world lasts only 8 minutes. We had two shooting days, i.e. 2 sunsets and 2 sunrises. We did the math: 4 X 8 minutes = 32 minutes to shoot the entire film. And we did it! Then, of course, we spent about three months on postproduction.


I spy with my little eye

Karvan Cevitam

Shadow play