A big live Christmas show... at home

For Klup and NN, with Wefilm Concepts

How to bring some warmth into a lonely christmas

December can be a difficult month for people over fifty, especially this year during the Corona pandemic. It’s a lot harder to find warmth, fun and togetherness during the holidays and unfortunately many people spend Christmas alone. 

We partnered with Klup and Nationale Nederlanden to organise something unique specifically for this group: the biggest online sing-a-long ever, hosted by the extraordinary Karin Bloemen. A night to remember filled with music, laughter and connection. It all started with an invitation: Karin Bloemen encouraged people to send us their favourite sing-a-long-song and tell us their story behind it. From these requests we've built an hour-long show in a festive studio setting, all within two weeks!

Karin performed over twenty songs accompanied by the famous pianist Cor Bakker and with the help of hundreds of Zoom-participants who could sing along. The show was streamed to YouTube where over 1.500 watched live and broadcast on television with an audience of over 700.000 people. A moment of brightness in the darkest of days.

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