Wouter Keijzer (1986) is a director at Wefilm. After graduating from the Willem de Kooning Academy with a bachelor degree in advertising, Wouter knew his love for film made him want to not just think of ideas, but also develop and direct them into small films and commercials.

So, after working briefly at some ad agencies, he joined two friends in From Form, starting with the main titles for design festival OFFF, one of the great honors in title design. It got Wouter nominated for the Young Director’s Award in Cannes and a spot on the prestigious ADC Young Guns list.  

After two wonderful years with From Form, it was time to do his own thing. Wouter developed himself into a director, writer and creator that always strives to find innovative and new visual styles to tell powerful stories. 

Growing up: One fall at a time

A little girl growing up is seen stumbling and falling in her parent’s home videos. There’s always a parent there to keep her safe, but will she be safe alone on the road?


An applause Wesley style

Honoring our Dutch team record holder Wesley Sneijder with his most iconic moment in the national team, the 2-1 header against Brazil.


A brand made for modern nomads

Turning a product that went through the roof on kickstarter into an actual brand.

XD Design

Salland for Salland

Why just talk about helping people when you can use your commercial for those people in need?

Salland Zorgverzekeringen

Make it as simple as ABC

Showing kids and teachers how making is an essential and fun part of learning. It stimulates creativity and learns how to work collaboratively.

Maker Education

The most powerful computer in the world.

Celebrating our technological achievements without forgetting where it all started.


Work less to work better

Why work at an office if you're more focussed at home? Why work at all?


The Creative of the Future

Creating a classic ad to promote the future of creativity.


A 17-meter table full of coffee

A very long table telling the story of the Dutch coffee brand Coffecompany. From berry to brewing.

Coffee Company

A peek into Mr. Emilton's cabinet of curiosities

A mysterious room filled with exotic objects and animals he collected during his journeys.

OFFF festival

The true story about creating ideas

That first line is the hardest. So don't try to make it perfect. We know, sounds easier than it really is.