• Tom Rijpert

    Enter the sandbox with AudiCase link

Tom Rijpert (1982) is director and writer who graduated in 2010 from the Utrecht School of Arts as a writer and director. From there he combined his love for films, stories and games by focussing on the art of interactive film. Working together with MediaMonks for 6 years, he wrote and directed multiple international campaigns for Old Spice, Ikea, Weber, Audi and Geox (to name a few), winning Lions, Lovies, Eurobest and other awards in the process.

Next to interactive films, he started focussing more on tv commercials as well. But regardless of the format: Tom's style ranges from outrageous Old Spice craziness to heartwarming Ikea family charm, with everything in between. More often than not throwing animation and visual effects in the mix.

Tom joined forces with WeFilm in 2018 and continues to focus on comedy, the child's fantastical perspective, and whatever makes people connect and shine. Without getting sappy or cliched, showing truthfulness and warmth in his characters.

It's me, your bike!

To show the VanMoof Electrified is the smartest bike around the block, we let him do the talking himself.


A brand made for modern nomads

Turning a product that went through the roof on kickstarter into an actual brand.

XD Design

Ikea: Where Good Days start

A Swedish family waking up in their Ikea filled house. Interactive film fun. Ondersteuning voor schermlezers is ingeschakeld. A Swedish family waking up in their Ikea filled house. Interactive film fun.


An important day for little Sam

We shouldn’t vote just for ourselves, but for the next generation that isn’t allowed to vote yet as well.


BBQ Cultures

What's it like to barbecue around the globe? Cinematic and delicious, apparently.


Enter the sandbox with Audi

Kids in a mysterious adventure, driving in VR through their own sandbox race track.


Muscle Surprise

Always wanted to join Terry Crews on fantastical adventures inside his muscles? Grab a tiger and join the fun.

Old Spice

Geox 7 Days of Rain

One man versus a fake rain cloud in 7 days of wet, wet agony in a 7 part webseries.


Fathers & Daughters

There's few things more precious than the bond between fathers and daughters. From first contact to leaving the house: a tear jerking Bol.com commercial.