• Ruben Cusell

Ruben is head of strategy & concepts and responsible for our strategic and creative work for advertisers. With a background in PR-strategy and creativity his roots lay strongly in creating content and campaigns that can fly organically. This trained him to develop an intuition to find the core of a brand's challenge and find (back) the story that's most relevant to tell.

As he's broadly experienced in creating campaigns with earned, owned and paid media, he's specialized in setting the framework for content campaigns. 

Occasionally he directs films for Wefilm, mostly within the sports domain. 

Ruben is a weekly radio guest at BNR Business Radio talking about creativity and films. 


We teamed up Interpolis with Snelle to conquer the music hit charts and have the youth choose love over the risky habit of using a phone while cycling.


A tribute to football shirts

Celebrating 130 years of amateur football in all its color and design. The largest collection of football shirts in the world.


Our heart for healthcare heroes

Supporting our healthcare professionals by staying inside with a message they all see outside: #myhearthforhealthcare