• Ruben Cusell

Ruben is head of strategy & concepts and responsible for our strategic and creative work for advertisers. With a background in PR-strategy and creativity his roots lay strongly in creating content and campaigns that can fly organically. This trained him to develop an intuition to find the core of a brand's challenge and find (back) the story that's most relevant to tell.

As he's broadly experienced in creating campaigns with earned, owned and paid media, he's specialized in setting the framework for content campaigns. 

Occasionally he directs films for Wefilm, mostly within the sports domain. 

Ruben is a weekly radio guest at BNR Business Radio talking about creativity and films. 

Filling the void of the EURO’s

Feeding the crave for football with the one and only EURO Foodball Quiz



We teamed up Interpolis with Snelle to conquer the music hit charts and have the youth choose love over the risky habit of using a phone while cycling.


A tribute to football shirts

Celebrating 130 years of amateur football in all its color and design. The largest collection of football shirts in the world.


Our heart for healthcare heroes

Supporting our healthcare professionals by staying inside with a message they all see outside: #myhearthforhealthcare


Mini docu Smoorverliefd

Three quarters of kids on bikes are distracted by their phone. Distraction is the biggest cause of accidents.


It's me, your bike!

To show the VanMoof Electrified is the smartest bike around the block, we let him do the talking himself.


Salland for Salland

Why just talk about helping people when you can use your commercial for those people in need?

Salland Zorgverzekeringen

A green story told by an orange sweater

Every fashion maker wants transparency about the sustainability of their fabrics. But, until now, it was impossible to know for sure if the used material was uncompromised sustainable.


A brand made for modern nomads

Turning a product that went through the roof on kickstarter into an actual brand.

XD Design

Outsmarting bike thieves

Ending bike theft with innovation and creativity. Starting with discouraging buyers in The Bike Trap.


150 personal videos for 150 members of parliament

Giving politicians an advice they haven’t asked for. The facts about smoking.

Artsen Slaan Alarm

Dear adults, this is the future speaking

An emotional speech from our future generation. Let’s follow their lead to become more one with nature again.


Not Just Football

The EK is not just football, it’s so much more!

Amsterdam Host City

An applause Wesley style

Honoring our Dutch team record holder Wesley Sneijder with his most iconic moment in the national team, the 2-1 header against Brazil.


This is how we move in Amsterdam

Quite honestly, we don’t really understand what Katie Couric was apologizing for. Maybe NBC News just had to dig a little deeper…

A corporate musical movie

Info Support wanted to bring an ode to the the world of IT. So we brought together two elements that could not be more opposing: the world of IT in a Disney-style musical.

Info Support 1

Bringing home some Efteling magic

Going there is amazing. Coming home can be tough. When a family falls back into it’s daily routine after a magical day at the Winter Efteling, a little girl sets out to bring back the feeling they had while visiting the theme park.

Efteling 1,061,757

Dear Eberhard,

When our beloved mayor was diagnosed with lung cancer, the citizens of Amsterdam made a promise to Mr. Van der Laan and the city.


This time we’ve got your back

What is an innovative way to portray inspiring social entrepreneurs, who changed their lives dramatically for the good of others? Rather than having them answer interview questions, why not surprise them by interviewing their loved ones?


An ode to Sunday

One could say that Sunday is a perfect day. An untroubled, dreamy day to think about the future. Or not to think about anything at all.


Billy, world saviour

Billy is a woman with a vision. Actually, she’s kind of a superheroine. Behold Billy’s bravery as she champions a sustainable 2017!

ABN AMRO 785,851