Rogier is Head of Production at Wefilm. Working his way up in this business at an early age, he started with production work in 1996. He has produced many national and international television commercials. From 2007 till 2016, he led his own production company State31, during this period, he produced films like "Heineken: The Candidate" and Zeeman Fashion Week. In 2017 he joined Wefilm, where he was looking forward to making substantively creative, memorable content. He has an unstoppable drive, impressive track record, and social skills, and he is always looking forward to starting a new project.

Getting down to the essence

A series of animated films to get your head around some groundbreaking scientific insights

Essentia Foundation


No crew, just 2 singers and a director with his camera making a beautiful intimate video.

AAA Management

Are you influenced much?

An interesting conversation between 2 young adults about health and influence.


How to break the stigma around mental health?

If talking about your mental problems is hard, music might help you put your feelings into words.


Let’s move the world forward

At Accell we believe people have the power to change the world, for the better… And so begins the story of a brand with numerous leading European bicycle brands under one roof. Told by its own staff and spokespersons, we take you on a journey through their new purpose.


The color of love

Love colors everything, the city you live in, the streets you walk, the people you meet.

Cloud 9 Recordings B.V.

Our heart for healthcare heroes

Supporting our healthcare professionals by staying inside with a message they all see outside: #myhearthforhealthcare


Keep your distance but stay in touch

It's hard to stay close to your loved ones when the entire country is in lockdown, and when social distancing is the rule of the day.


Hip Hip Huray! 2.0

In these weird times, everything changes. Even the most traditional of things: birthday parties!


A brand made for modern nomads

Turning a product that went through the roof on kickstarter into an actual brand.

XD Design