• Nefta Tevreden

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With no formal training but with on-the-job learning, hard work and creativity, Nefta started her career in production. From music video production to creating commercials and other video projects, she is ready to excel, grow and on board to do whatever is necessary to get the job done.
 Even when things on or off set don't go as planned, you can rely on Nefta to use her creative problem solving skills. 
She is the one to keep everyone motivated from start to finish. 

Don't wait to say beautiful words

Dela wants to inspire everyone to say beautiful words. With hidden cameras, we shot 6 touching speeches of real people.

Dela 52

A couple of questions from the next generation

Time for an unusual and uncomfortable interview about the one subject that should be on top of every voters mind during the upcoming election.


Mixing all colors gives you black

Black is a story. It’s a statement. Every color combined into one. And now it’s a brand new broadcaster on Dutch tv.

Omroep Zwart