Being able to contribute to the creation of impactful, meaningful stories is why Maaike works in the media. Once an intern at Wefilm, she is now one of the essential pillars of our production team. Applying her organizational skills to keep our teams aligned within deadlines and deliverables, Maaike is always willing to go the extra mile to help out when needed. 

Fun fact: besides film, she has a great passion for music. (Maaike played as a pianist in various bands/musicals.)

A fight for freedom of choice in birth care

With a remarkable live press conference, we created awareness about freedom of choice in birth care. Because that freedom is under pressure and needs to be protected.



Behind every Olympic athlete stand dedicated people who enable our heroes to perform at their best.

Nederlandse Loterij

Just not yet

We all want the best for our children, but just because of this, you sometimes have to tell them: ‘FF niks’

NIX<18, ministerie VWS

50 years and we're just getting started

Due to the fantastic results of the "Orange lionesses", women have become an indispensable part of the football landscape. This is an ode to women's football.


A historic CEO meeting too good to be true

The CEO's of the most polluting companies finally sat down together, or did they? Time to discuss climate change for real.




Sharing the drive towards a greener society

A cool lady in an 80s tracksuit with a goat? A silly move that stays in your head? Yes! Make the move!


A challenge on how we see health

A 2K40 format to challenge the way we eat, exercise, and live. Should we completely change our ways or adjust our patterns just a little?


Are you influenced much?

An interesting conversation between 2 young adults about health and influence.



No crew, just 2 singers and a director with his camera making a beautiful intimate video.

AAA Management

More Future, More GroenLinks

For the upcoming Dutch elections we want to show you that green political party Groenlinks is not about "less", but about "more".


How to break the stigma around mental health?

If talking about your mental problems is hard, music might help you put your feelings into words.


Mixing all colors gives you black

Black is a story. It’s a statement. Every color combined into one. And now it’s a brand new broadcaster on Dutch tv.

Omroep Zwart

The color of love

Love colors everything, the city you live in, the streets you walk, the people you meet.

Cloud 9 Recordings B.V.

Our heart for healthcare heroes

Supporting our healthcare professionals by staying inside with a message they all see outside: #myhearthforhealthcare


What's normal nowadays?

Together with Buutvrij we wanted to show you that Ikea supports you with smart and elegant solutions even with this world's "New Normal".


Your kidneys are your life

Kidney patients are strong people who will try to live a “Normal” life, as much their disease allows them to. So we made them stop for a second and listen to their loved ones.


Keep your distance but stay in touch

It's hard to stay close to your loved ones when the entire country is in lockdown, and when social distancing is the rule of the day.


Read First, Speak later

Thanks to our freedom of speech, we say what we think. But do we think before we speak?

Vrij Nederland

Let’s move the world forward

At Accell we believe people have the power to change the world, for the better… And so begins the story of a brand with numerous leading European bicycle brands under one roof. Told by its own staff and spokespersons, we take you on a journey through their new purpose.


Welcome back!

Together with the KNVB and sportswriter/poet Frank Heinen we created a film that makes you want to run to your soccer club. And if you don't have one, you'd wish you had.


No time to lose

This is the story of Guus. A young boy who suffers from a muscle disease called SMA. His story represents more than 20.000 children in the Netherlands with muscle diseases. Together with well known sports ambassadors, we initiated a fundraising new style.

Spieren voor Spieren