• Claudio de Oliveira Marques

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Claudio is a documentary director that specializes in the more complex and multifaceted topics within society. His patience for extraordinary characters and intricate subjects is his core talent. At the Dutch Film Academy, his graduation film, focusing on breaking the taboo of suicide, won the VPRO documentary award, the Dutch Film Foundation wildcard, and Dutch entry for the 2017 Student Oscars. A striking example of how Claudio utilizes the potential of film to break through the silence of delicate topics and start much-needed conversations within society. 

The most unwanted business card

When medical specialist go out onto the streets to make their future appointment with smokers.


Delivering bad news 100.000 times a year

Smoking tobacco is an addiction and the government must take action by abandoning tobacco. With this film we want to make the government aware of that.

Gezondheidsfondsen voor Rookvrij

Donate a one minute conversation

We're not asking to donate us a new organ, just a minute of your time. A minute that should be enough to let your loved ones know about your last wishes.


Our heart for healthcare heroes

Supporting our healthcare professionals by staying inside with a message they all see outside: #myhearthforhealthcare


Your kidneys are your life

Kidney patients are strong people who will try to live a “Normal” life, as much their disease allows them to. So we made them stop for a second and listen to their loved ones.


Dear Eberhard,

When our beloved mayor was diagnosed with lung cancer, the citizens of Amsterdam made a promise to Mr. Van der Laan and the city.


An unforgettable farewell

When you lose a loved one to suicide, you’re often left behind with plenty of unanswered questions.

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