Your burger on a tropical island?

For McDonald's, with TBWA \ NEBOKO

A tropical surprise in the middle of The Netherlands

How would you answer this question: Would you like to eat your Maestro Burger just here, or on a tropical Island? Say what? Exactly!

For the new McDonald’s commercial, we wanted to create an epic journey for real, unsuspecting friends visiting the McDrive. To make it truly spectacular, we used eleven cameras to capture their journey in the most filmic way possible. 

For the ‘real world’ twist, we trapped unsuspecting visitors and made them the action heroes of our movie. Therefore, we needed to be right in the moment to capture their perfect natural reaction. To do so all the cameras in a range of ten kilometres distance, had to be connected in a live stream with our director and DOP. We used ten filmic Sony F55’s, two drones’, two off road vehicles, two boats and a helicopter that all streamed their video material live to a broadcast truck over a special installed 4G-network.

And finally of course the island. The amazing tropical island in de Dutch Gouwsea! This showpiece was totally hand-made and built on 25 pontons within 5 weeks.

The result of all this: a bunch of typical Dutchies, in an epic movie, eating a Maestro burger on a tropical island in the middle of The Netherlands.