Sleep well

For IKEA, with Wefilm Concepts

With these sleeping experts we told the story.

Warm blankets, a fluffy mattress, full darkness and obviously lavender spray. Where last year's Ikea campaign focussed on smart solutions around the house, this followup clearly takes things to the bedroom!

Once again we looked for a wide variety of real people, to share with us their smartest, simplest and most original solutions and tricks for a good night's sleep. And with Ikea those solutions don't stop with the bed. Neatly organized closets, lighting solutions, wireless chargers and environment friendly sheets are all part of the wide array of tricks Ikea has to offer.

We focussed on the widest array of people we could find, literally from baby to grandma. Sleeping is, after all, of all ages. With these sleeping experts we told the story in the most varied, charming, funny and -most importantly- personal way we could. Continuing the sweet and positive vibe of this "All Smart" campaign.