For Hallmark, with Havasz Lemz

One of the most painful experiences in life is losing a loved one.

Grief is usually felt most strongly when a precious thing happens to us, like a wedding or the birth of a child. Not being able to share our joy with our late mother, sister or grandfather makes the pain so much worse.

Imagine getting a letter from heaven, just when you need it. A real, hand-written letter, written by the one who should be right here with you.
For Hallmark, Juliette Stevens captured the intimate stories of 3 people. We meet a young woman in her mid-twenties, whose mother died when she was 10. One of her most precious possessions is the letter her mother wrote before she died, and gave to her father to pass on. The second person portrayed, in her late twenties, also lost her mother. She treasures a box packed by her mother with letters, cards and gifts, just for her. And finally we get to know a forty-something mother in the process of filling two boxes, intended for her two young daughters. She wants them to have a tangible legacy to hold on to, even after she’s gone. Writing letters has become her way of passing on memories, observations and life lessons. Love for ever! And that’s exactly how Hallmark baptized its box of stationary.

This project was a 2018 ADCN Dutch Creativity Award nominee (category Advertising / brand activation & experience) and won a SAN Accent Award.