For McDonald's, with TBWA\ NEBOKO

The voice in your head that isn’t yours.

To introduce the new McFlurry flavors we made a film that shows how hard it is choosing between them. It’s the moment standing in front of the counter and the voice in your head goes wild. You try to imagine all possibilities, try to imagine how they will taste. In this case, that wasn’t the voice in your head, it’s the annoying friend that keeps on talking out loud.

To visualize the tasty choice that is to be made, we let it rain the sweetness that our hero’s are thinking (or hearing) about. It was a fun day of shooting as we choose to do this for real, in one take from realtime to slowmotion. We got to throw all these flavors over our actors and they had to keep their cool while all these toffees and strawberries rained down on them.