How music awakens Alzheimer patients

For Alzheimer NL and Greetz, with DDB Unlimited

Music has positive effects on people with dementia. It can recall memories and give peace of mind. That is why Alzheimer Nederland has launched a music card in collaboration with online greeting card service “Greetz” for people with dementia.

People with dementia can still hum along with music from the past. How is that possible? Research indicates that the brain areas involved in music are relatively spared in Alzheimer's disease. In this way people who suffer from this disease can recall memories and happy feelings with the help of music. For Greetz and Alzheimer Nederland, Juliette Stevens carefully captured the sincere, intimate reactions of 3 Alzheimer patients who were suprised by their loved ones with a music card with their favorite songs. From every card sent, Greetz donates 5 euros to Alzheimer Nederland for research on music therapy and how it can be used to improve lives of those whose memories are fading.