Gerrie & Truus: twin sisters reunion

For Vodafone, with Achtung!

26 years without seeing your twin sister makes the first reunion a special one

To fight the loneliness elderly people often experience, Vodafone helps to connect them to loved ones through online tools and technology. In this film grandson Rodney helps to reunite his grandmother Gerrie with her twin sister Truus, after 26 years of separation.

A GfK research shows that 90% of elderly people seldom or never keep in touch with their environment through mobile devices. A pity, as more then half of these elderly people feel that better knowledge of these devices and apps would leed to a sharp decrease of loneliness. Vodafone wants to help and started the initiative ‘Oma Online’ (Grandma Online), to help explain to grandma or grandpa how the online world works. To kick this project of, we made this film about grandson Rodney, who helps his grandma to see her twin sister again, after 26 years of separation. 

Gerrie lives in the Netherlands and was separated from her twin sister Truus many years ago, when Truus followed her late husband to the other side of the world, Australia. They lost contact, but their inseparable bond remained. With the help of Rodney and Vodafone the two vital ladies finally see each other again. With camera teams in Australia and The Netherlands, we covered their reunion at both sides of the world at the same time.

This "Powerful Connections" campaign is the successor of the Vodafone First project, for which we made the films with Vera, Safa and An & Ria.