British bachelor party trashes Amsterdam

For KPN, with Wefilm Concepts

The BBC on Dutch cable: brought to you by loud and rowdy Brits

In the Netherlands, everyone’s familiar with the typical loud British tourists who visit our country. So when KPN, a Dutch cable TV provider, decided to launch BBC as one of their channels we thought our rowdy British friends could play an interesting part. In the film, we follow a group of British tourists. All is jolly good until they discover there’s no BBC on their TV!

Things get out of hand and not even the hostel personnel can stop them as they march to the closest KPN store they can find. Stumped by the British lads, KPN has no other choice but to immediately include the BBC in their offered channels, due to extenuating circumstances. With this humble apologetic approach, KPN wants to clear the air and make amends for being the very last provider to introduce the BBC in its channel lineup. Their sense of humor and self-critique gave way to acceptance and forgiveness. We shot this film with one actor and three real British lads. Any idea who’s who?