An important day for little Sam

For D66, with Wefilm Concepts

Little Sam is entering a school. It's an important day for her. But this isn’t what you think it is...

With climate, education and a cooperating strong Europe, D66 wants to be the party for the future. The choices we make now have a huge impact on the next generation. The challenge is that a long-term vision is not so sexy, but themes such as climate need big action. So we were looking for a way to make ’the future' emotional and tangible. A vote on D66 is a vote for those who are not yet entitled to vote, our children. 

This election spot is directed by Tom Rijpert who wanted to make the film positive and a bit fairytale-like. "We can only convey the urgency of the message by a positive emotional approach.” The choice for the voice-over of the venerable 87 year old Jan Terlouw makes ads the urgency of our message and is a great contrast to the 4 year old girl. 

The film is used on TV, online and in various digital outdoor locations.