A Kicking goodbye

For Aegon, with Energize+

Ajax & Aegon, a fruitful collaboration of 6,5 years

After being the official sponsor of AFC Ajax since 2004, it was time for insurance company Aegon to take a step back and end the sponsorship.

Ajax's uniform featured the Aegon logo across the chest for all these years but Aegon was also involved in a lot of other projects and initiatives like the Woman’s Team, the Streetwise program and the G-wise day for footballplayers with a disability.

The leading characters of the film are star player Davy Klaassen, female talent Anouk Hoogendijk, Streetwise winner Oussama and G-team player Gino. Together, they show the diversity of Ajax and all its talent. The talent Aegon has supported for the past years.

Aegon helped building Ajax as we know it nowadays, but most importantly, they've invested in future Ajax. And that future looks bright.

The film was shown in a packet Arena during the last game Ajax played in Aegon-shirt, and the 70’’ during commercial got aired just before Holland’s most populair Sports Program Studio Sport and reached millions of football lovers.