A hidden force with big impact

For KWF, with Wefilm Concepts

Meet the medical wizards you never knew about

You probably won’t know about them until fate catches up with you, and you get cancer. First, you’ll meet the usual medics, highly skilled at fixing you from the inside. Afterwards – if you’re lucky – you’ll be introduced to the wizard doctors. They do more than just fixing what you look like. They listen, helping you to feel whole again.

 ‘KWF Kankerbestrijding,’ the Dutch Cancer Society, asked Wefilm to put the spotlight on the hidden forces beaming its healing rays on the dark world of cancer. Our first main character is Brigitte Drost, a so-called ‘doctor dermatograph’. As a medical tattoo artist, she’s been working at a cancer hospital in Amsterdam for 25 years. Doctor Drost doesn’t turn nice into pretty, but deviant into normal. Her work goes from covering scars with skin-colored ink, to tattooing nipples on women who had to have their breasts removed to survive.

Wefilm didn’t just want to make a portrait of the wizard doctor herself. We wanted to show how valuable a wizard doctor’s work is, by surprising him or her with testimonials of the people permanently changed.